EvmoSwap is an automated market-maker, and the DEX is at the core of the whole ecosystem. It aims to be the go-to DEX, amongst other product offerings, on the Evmos Chain. With decentralised finance being an open ecosystem, EvmoSwap forks PancakeSwap, an AMM DEX operating on the BNB Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain).

The Evmoswap Exchange is host to several functionalities that facilitate decentralised trading; namely,

EvmoSwap permits trading for users without needing to resort to centralised exchanges (CEX). Trading activities are executed directly through decentralised wallets like Keplr. Users fully control their funds when swapping or trading.

Liquidity pools enable seamless swapping/trading for users. Without them, trading tokens will be impossible. Users can provide liquidity for tokens on EvmoSwap Exchange (DEX) and earn rewards in the form of trading fees.

In addition to providing liquidity, users can stake their LP tokens as a hedge against impermanent loss while earning extra rewards in $EMO or other tokens.

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