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Using the Connext Bridge

Connext powers fast, secure bridging between blockchains and rollups for composable, trust minimized value.
  • Click on the Connext in the Bridge section of the DEX. You'll be redirected to the bridge site.
  • Click on Connect Wallet
  • Select the preferred networks and assets you want to bridge
  • Click Approve. Approve transaction in your wallet.
  • Click on Swap. Confirm swap transaction from prompt.
  • Click Confirm
Note: Ensure you leave enough for gas when bridging. Within a few minutes, you can claim your tokens.
  • You can observe the bridging process until completion.
  • You can now claim your tokens to the destination chain.
  • Click on Sign to Claim Funds, then sign the transaction in your wallet.
  • The claim process is done! You can view your wallet balance by adding the bridged asset to Metamask.