Using the Nomad Bridge

Use Nomad to transfer assets across the following chains: Ethereum, Milkomeda, Moonbeam, and Evmos. Nomad is natively integrated on the Evmoswap DEX so you can easily transfer your assets.

  • Go to Bridge section on the DEX

  • Click on Nomad bridge. You'll be redirected to Nomad site.

  • Connect your wallet. Ensure your wallet is connected to the primary chain from which you want to transfer assets. For example, to transfer assets from Ethereum to Evmos, your wallet must be connected to the Ethereum network.

  • Select the preferred token. Also, select the primary and secondary networks for the asset transfer as shown below.

  • Click Next.

Note that you can edit the destination address to any preferred address. However, ensure that it is the right address to avoid loss of funds.

  • Click Send

  • Click Confirm

  • Approve transaction request in your wallet. Ensure you have sufficient gas for the transaction to go through.

  • You can confirm how long it will take for your assets to bridge

  • Assets bridging completed

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