The EvmoSwap Lottery framework is similar to PancakeSwap's and allows you to win huge prizes in $EMO after playing.

Criteria for Lottery Participation

  • Lottery ticket

  • No max entry limit for each user. However, only 100 tickets can be purchased at once.

  • Each ticket consists of six random numbers between 0-9. For example, 0-1-5-4-3-2. Ticket numbers that match with the drawn numbers from the left on each round are eligible for prizes. The more numbers that match, the more prizes to be won from the pool.

Ticket costs and bulk purchase discount

Lottery ticket price is set at $5 and shown at the start of every lottery round. Ticket prices may vary slightly due to fluctuations.

Purchasing many tickets at once makes you eligible for a bulk discount.

How to Win

Match the numbers from the left side of your ticket with the winning numbers drawn at the end of each lottery round.

  • Matching the first number on your ticket means you will win a small prize

  • Match more numbers and gain access to a larger prize pool when you win

Prize Eligibility

Each ticket bears a total of six numbers, from 0-9. To win, your ticket numbers need to match with the drawn numbers in the right order, starting from the left part of the ticket.

Drawn numbers

Your ticket's numbers

Prize sharing across prize brackets

The end of each round is followed by a draw to determine the tickets with matching numbers, after which prizes are awarded.

Note: The amount won by each ticket at every round is dependent on the number of other tickets that won in the same prize bracket.

For example, if your ticket is the only one with three numbers that matches the winning numbers in the right order, you have eligible for the whole prize if the prize pool for your bracket is 5000 EMO.

However, if three other tickets are eligible as winners, your share of the prize pool will be 1,250 EMO.

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