How to Use Farms

Learn how to farm EMO yields with your staked LP tokens on the DEX.

  • Move to the Farms section on the DEX

  • Click on your preferred farming pair. Note that you must have initially provided liquidity on the pair you choose.

  • Move to the staking section. Enter the amount of LP tokens. You can click on Max if you wish to stake all.

  • Click on Confirm Deposit after inputting an amount

  • Approve transaction in your wallet

  • Done

Note: You can view and harvest your $EMO rewards after waiting for them to accumulate.

Note: EMO rewards earned from liquidity mining have a 30-day vesting period. Rewards can be claimed before the end of the vesting period but are subject to a 50% early withdrawal penalty. And all EMO lockers will receive this 50% penalty for EMO.

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